Lorenzo Bergamini

Ambition, sacrifice, diligence

This is what marks my character​

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary"
Elon Musk

Software developing

I studied ICT at ISII Marconi.
I always liked ICT and I think that attending this course has made me what I am. ICT allowed me to acquire fundamental skills that go behind simple developing and networking. They have made me great at Problem solving, in any area.

Economics and Managements

After getting my Diploma, I took an interest to Economics and Management. I worked for more than two years, and I worked with 12 hour shifts. Thanks to that I’ve been able to pay for my Economics and Management Bachelor at one of the best universities in Italy and a TOP30 university in the world.

Looking forward

My journey is just at the beginning, the road is not just long, it’s endless. I will continue to learn, and I will continue to put all of myself in what I do. I will make mistakes, but I will get back up and I will gain something from the experience.

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High IQ

Mensa member since May 2017.

Fitness and weigthlifiting

Mens sana in corpore sano.
You can discover my PRs on the dedicated page.

TOP30 University

Università Bocconi student.
Currently studying Economics and Management.

Future goals

I'm aiming for something big.
Learn about my goals on this amazing site.

Lorenzo Bergamini